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Backup, Security, and Disaster Recovery With a Single Platform   

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Cloud-Based Backup for All Online Businesses

Digiko Host's comprehensive backup and recovery solution, driven by Acronis technology, provides robust protection for your business and your clients' valuable data. Whether it's safeguarding against cyber threats, natural calamities, or human errors.
With seamless integration into your existing systems, our Backup solution enables you to efficiently manage your storage requirements. Forget the burden of investing in expensive hardware or additional employees.

Acronis Cloud Cyber Backups for Any Workload

Virus & Ransomware Protection

Acronis cloud protection comes with powerful anti-ransomware features. This technology acts as a second line of defense against cyber-attacks. The best part is if the system gets affected you can easily restore your valuable data. That means all your crucial business data and information will remain safe from virus attacks.  

Automated Backup & Restores

Acronis Cloud Backup is equipped with amazing backup and recovery technologies. It ensures your data is always protected and available to you. The industry-best recovery time immediately starts recovering data on Windows or Linux systems from storage. Acronis Instant Recovery feature invisibly transfers your data to the host in the background.  

Top-Notch Security Level

Acronis Cloud Back is equipped with advanced security levels. It offers top-notch encryption technology for protecting your data during transit and rest position. That means, your data will always be confidential and secure on digital platforms. That makes it the first choice of businesses of all sizes and nature.  

Cloud Server Integrated For All Acronis Solutions

On-Demand Scalability

Well suited for websites that don’t need their visitors to provide or exchange personal information. Usually, small website owners and bloggers use DV SSL and it’s the most affordable SSL certification type.

Comprehensive Set-up Assistance

Website owners need to verify the domain and organization from the issuing authority to obtain OV certificates. Best for business owners who don't need their customers' information and is a bit expensive.

Restore On Any Device Anytime

EV certificates provide the most security and are the most expensive to acquire. You need to provide domain, personal, and organization information to get EV SSL. Google provides "Green Padlock” to websites with EV certificates.

Acronis Cloud Backup – One-Stop Solution For All Requirements

For Businesses

Get the perfect peace of mind and focus on improving your business and brand. Get zero-day malware and ransomware protection with reliable backup and forensic inquiries.

For Service Providers

With Acronis Cloud Backup Protection your clients will be safe and secure when it comes to data protection. Offer instant backups, automation, and seamless management

For Home Users

It comes with integrated anti-malware and personal cyber protection. That means no need to worry about data protection and security. Just focus on your cyber activities now.

Customized Solutions

We understand every business has its specific requirements. Our experts can help you integrate the customized Acronis Backup according to your unique needs. Call now!

Get Unrivaled Cyber Protection and Control

Enhanced Data Safety & Security

Improve business productivity with our top-tier data security and protection expertise. We also maintain GDPR compliance backup protection with AES-256 encryption.

Off-load Management & Maintenance

Utilize our expertise for off-load management and maintenance. No need to worry about managing storage at off-site or remote locations as our experts are always there.

Latest Data Protection Technology

We ensure the finest level of data protection technology so that you just focus on improving your business and brand. Get the dedicated protection now we are just a call away.

Immediate Restoration On Any Device

Recover your data on any device and at any time. You can also get the selected data as per your requirements including all applications and user rights provided earlier.

Reduce Complexity, Boost Productivity

We help service providers with more than 200 integrations. Our Acronis Backup Cloud Protections integrates the best tools and services to offer you more than your imagination.

24X7 Tech Support

We are always there to support you in resolving all your technical issues. Our friendly tech reps are always 24/7. Call us for the best deals now and get the best data protection.

Get The Best Disaster Recovery Solutions Now

Our Acronis Cloud Backup solution is not only secure but also scalable, ensuring that your data is readily accessible and adaptable to your evolving needs.

Your data security and protection start here

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