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Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate protects websites by offering third-party verification. It verifies the strength of the Secure Socket Layer encryption when a user connects with the site. Moreover, SSL ensures that websites are safe and secure from cyber-attacks. That helps website owners to maintain and increase traffic. SSL certification is a necessary part of web security. The best part is websites that use SSL tech are ranked higher by Google algorithms.

What Do We Offer with an SSL Certificate?

SSL Site Seal

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Site Seal is a visual indicator that provides reassurance to visitors that a website is secure, and their data is being transmitted safely. It's essentially a small graphic or badge that is displayed on a website's pages. The SSL Site Seal is a visual representation of the website's SSL certificate and encryption.  

Browser Compatibility

Our experts offer SSL certification which is compatible with a wide range of browsers around the world. That means you don’t need to change your browsing habits to get SSL certification. Call our tech team and enjoy the hassle-free browsing experience. Moreover, your users will have a smooth experience visiting your website from any browser. 

Encryption Level

Encryption Level is an essential aspect of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates because it directly impacts the security of the data being exchanged. When selecting an SSL certificate, it's crucial to consider the security requirements of your website and its users. We offer the perfect encryption level based on your specific needs. 

Select The Best Suited SSL Certificate for You

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

Well suited for websites that don’t need their visitors to provide or exchange personal information. Usually, small website owners and bloggers use DV SSL and it’s the most affordable SSL certification type

Organization Validated (OV) Certificates

Website owners need to verify the domain and organization from the issuing authority to obtain OV certificates. Best for business owners who don't need their customers' information and is a bit expensive

Extended Validated (EV) Certificates

EV certificates provide the most security and are the most expensive to acquire. You need to provide domain, personal, and organization information to get EV SSL. Google provides "Green Padlock to websites with EV certificates

Get SSL Certification in a Few Simple Steps


Your SSL certification starts with buying the most suitable certificate according to your needs. You can select from the SSL types provided in the section above.


You can activate certification immediately after purchase from the account panel. CSR code assignment and domain name indication will occur during the process.


You will get the installation instructions once the validation and issuing process is complete. You can get help from our experts if you have any queries or issues.


You can easily manage your SSL certificate in your Account Panel. It includes renewal and reissuance of the certificate. Call us for the top online security now.

Why Buy SSL Certificates from DigikoHost ?

Global SSL Certificates

We help you get SSL certificates from the leading global brand of CAs. That means you get the best SSL security from the top brands across the globe

Easy Online Ordering & Processing

Order SSL at any time as per your convenience and experience the hassle-free payment methods. Also, easily manage and process your SSL certificate online.

Comprehensive SSL Certification

We offer SSL certificates that suit websites of every type, domain, and business. No matter what your industry is, it's our priority to make your online journey secure.

Affordable Pricing

Get top-notch tech support on every certificate you buy from us without any additional cost. Also, enjoy zero-cost on-call and lifetime email support on every certification.

Fast & Simpler Renewals

You can easily renew your SSL certificate, even 90 days prior, and get extra days. Now renew without hesitation and enjoy rock-solid website security.

24X7 Tech Support

Our friendly and expert tech support is available round the clock to take and provide instant solutions to all your queries. Connect with us any time and any day.

Get Robust Online Security with Our SSL Certification

With our user-friendly installation process and expert support, it’s easier to secure your website. Join the countless website owners who have made the smart choice for security – choose our SSL certificates today. 

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