Ensure High Data Security And
Vulnerabilities Protection With
Windows VPS

Excellent Value for Money and Get Scalable Resources That Suits Your Business Needs With A Dedicated Windows Environment

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Windows VPS Hosting: Enjoy Low Latency, Free Migration, Tier 4 Data Centers, and Flexible Hardware Plans

A Scalable Server

Our Windows VPS solutions are meticulously crafted to align with diverse business requirements and offer scalability to adapt seamlessly to your projects. You have the flexibility to augment resources as needed, effortlessly managed through the OVHcloud Control Panel

A Dedicated Environment

As the administrator of your server, you have complete freedom to configure your dedicated environment according to your precise requirements. This level of flexibility enables you to effortlessly establish a Windows virtual server tailored to accommodate various functions.  

Simplicity and Independence

Get a distinct advantage in terms of autonomy. You have the freedom to select and install the operating system that aligns with your specific requirements from an extensive array of options. Option to integrate a web hosting control panel such as Plesk or cPanel.

Windows VPS hosting combines affordability, scalability, customization, and enhanced performance, making it a suitable hosting solution for us.

High Performance at Unbeatable Price
With Windows VPS Hosting

Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust our Windows VPS Hosting for their online success! Call our experts now and get going 


Your Windows VPS offers unrestricted inbound and outbound data transfer. Well-suited for hosting websites and applications that experience substantial traffic, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your users. 


We provide automated backup solutions for your server. You can safeguard your data by storing backups in external storage or creating a snapshot of your VPS at a designated point in time.  


Your VPS is established on an infrastructure characterized by minimal latency, backed by hardware availability commitments outlined in our SLA. This ensures your solutions operate within a stable and resilient environment.  

Your Vision, Our Infrastructure – Windows VPS Hosting Redefined

Our Windows virtual private servers undergo meticulous optimization, starting from the design phase, ensuring top-tier performance at an unparalleled value. Enjoy the versatility of a VPS within a robust and dependable infrastructure 

Robust Security Features

Protect your data and applications with top-notch security features. Benefit from isolated server environments and optional managed services for peace of mind. Partner with us for hosting solutions now.

Seamless Windows Integration

Perfect for Windows-based applications and websites. Our Windows VPS Hosting ensures compatibility and top performance for ASP.NET, MS SQL, and more. Call our executives for the best deals.

We're here to fuel your digital ambitions, and we look forward to being the backbone of your online success. Partner us today and enjoy hosting excellence like never before.  

Combination of Autonomy and Performance

Craft your digital ventures with our Windows VPS Hosting Service. We stand out as the premier choice for consumers seeking powerful, flexible, and cost-effective hosting solutions. 

Data Centers in India

Choose the smart, secure, and convenient hosting solution. Choose Indian-based Windows VPS hosting for your website, and witness the difference in performance, support, and ease of management.

Full Control of Windows

Get Full Control and Enhanced Security with Our VPS Hosting Services! Call our executives for the Subscription Plans. Security is our priority whatever plan you select for your specific needs.   

Technical Support

Get 24/7 Technical Support for Your Windows Hosting Needs! We offer round-the-clock, technical support to assist you with any Windows VPS hosting-related challenges you may encounter.

Empower Your Online Ambitions with Windows VPS Hosting Prowess

Contact us today and elevate your digital presence with Windows Hosting solutions.

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